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west hawaii today | tuesday, september 8, 2015
Kona Area Property Crime Report – 8/11/15-8/23/15
Editor’s note: This
log of property crimes
reported in the Kona
District is a feature of
West Hawaii Today
and is compiled
using Hawaii Police
Department records.
The department
considers North and
South Kona one district.
A .45 caliber Glock
21 pistol was reported
stolen from a home on
the 75-5600 block of
Mamalahoa Highway
on Aug. 18. The victim
said he thought the
burglar entered through
the rear sliding door,
which is normally
left unlocked. The
wooden front door
had been opened.
Someone cut the
screen into a master
bedroom in a home
on the 73-1100 Loloa
Drive on Aug. 11. They
went inside and took
white gold earrings
from a jewelry box
on the bedroom
dresser. The estimated
value is $300.
A Stihl mist blower
backpack was stolen
from an outside office
on 81-1000 Captain
Cook Road. The theft
occurred between
12:01 a.m. and 9:30
a.m. Aug. 16.
Musical instruments,
a laptop and other
items were stolen from
a home in the 82-1000
block of Kiloa Road
between 3 and 5:26
p.m. Aug. 18. Stolen
were a ukulele bag
containing a ukulele
and castanets, a blue
Kipling bag, a Samsung
laptop and jewelry.
The total value was
listed as $1,290.
Jewelry, a jewelry box
and a wooden pipe were
reported stolen from a
home in the 82-1000
block of Kiloa Road. The
victim said it was taken
between 5 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Aug. 18. The theft
was valued at $1,088.
Police responded to
an alarm at a business
in the 75-5700 block
of Alii Drive on Aug.
20. They found a door
on the south side
of the building was
broken and off its
hinges. The manager
found that 67 pairs of
sunglasses, valued at
$14,121.93, were taken.
A purse was stolen
from a front office
while a woman was
working on the 73-0700
block of Makako Bay
Drive. The woman put
her purse down and
left to do her daily
tasks at the business.
When she returned
45 minutes later the
purse was gone. She
said the front door was
closed but unlocked.
Stolen vehicle
A woman’s SUV
was stolen while the
man borrowing it was
watching a movie at the
Keauhou Cinemas on
Aug. 19. The man left
the vehicle unlocked,
with the windows up
and keys in the ignition.
The blue 2000 Suzuki
Grand Vitara MPVH was
stolen between 11:30
a.m. and 1:30 p.m. It
has a license plate of
HAB 937 and has a
wooden roof rack.
A pickup truck was
stolen between 12:30
and 1 p.m. Aug. 19
while it was parked at a
coffee plantation. The
2003 Ford was parked
at the Coffee Ground
plantation on the
76-6000 Mamalahoa
Highway. The driver
said he had left the
truck unlocked with
keys in the ignition.
A blue 2003 Honda
Civic SI was stolen
from a driveway in
the 81-0900 block of
Kamiki Place between
1 and 9 a.m. Aug.
22. The vehicle was
locked, but the owner
had left the keys in
the garage, fronting
where the vehicle was
parked. The estimated
valued is $4,000.
A blue Volkswagon
Jetta was stolen from
near Coconut Grove on
Aug. 23. The car, license
plate ZCP 278, was
parked with unlocked
doors with windows
up and the keys in
the center console.
Someone took a
red mo-ped that was
chained to a fence
on the 75-5600
block of Alii Drive at
3:15 a.m. Aug. 13.
A mo-ped was stolen
from in front of an
apartment complex
in the 76-6200 Alii
Drive on Aug. 14. It was
described as a 2012
model, white in color
with a plate of H442. It
was valued at $1,200.
A car is missing after
a man was arrested
while driving it on Aug.
15. The 18-year-old man
was driving his father’s
Nissan Pathfinder
multipurpose vehicle
with plate ZBE 997
when he was arrest in
the Kailua Pier area. He
left the vehicle with two
of his acquaintances
and it was unclear
who has the vehicle
or who has been
authorized to drive it.
A green 2004 Toyota
Tacoma pickup was
stolen from a man’s
driveway in the 73-1100
block of Ala Kapua
Street at 6:30 a.m. Aug.
17. The truck has a full
black lumber rack, a
black Husky tool box
in the bed and a 1-inch
crack near the center
of the windshield. It
was decorated with a
red, yellow and green
Hawaiian Islands
sticker on the front
driver’s side bumper,
a round Carpenter’s
Union sticker on the
back bumper and an
Aloha Aina Hawaiian
flag sticker on the
same bumper.
A car was stolen
while the owner was at
work at the Honaunau
Post Office on Aug. 24.
The gold 1998 Honda
two-door sedan had
a plate of DG741. A
witness said a man
wearing a black hoodie
and a woman with a
thin build and ehu hair
were in the area. The
woman drove away in
the victim’s vehicle
while the man drove
off in an older model
green Toyota Tacoma.
Unlawful entry into
motor vehicle
A lava rock the size
of a softball was thrown
through the rear window
of a vehicle some
time between 3 and 4
p.m. Aug. 18 near the
intersection of Alii Drive
and Mamalahoa Bypass
Road. The person stole
a purse and its contents
from its position under
the passenger seat.
A man reported that
someone cut through
his convertible top
some time between
3 p.m. Aug. 20 and
8 a.m. Aug. 21 while
it was parked in the
parking garage of the
Kona Pacific Condos.
The 2014 Ford Mustang
with plate MRKONA
was parked at a stall
when various items
were taken from inside.
A man reported
someone took the
car cover off his 1981
Porsche 911 SC and
stole items from within
it. The theft happened
between 7:30 a.m. Aug.
20 and 5:20 a.m. Aug.
21 while it was parked
in the Kona Pacific
Condos parking garage.
Three items were
reported stolen between
2 and 11 a.m. Aug. 21
from a vehicle parked
in the parking garage
of Kona Pacific Condos.
The victim said the
vehicle was unlocked
and Oakley sunglasses,
a black leather wallet
and black tripod were
stolen. The total value
was listed as $200.
Someone took
items totalling $792
out of a car parked on
the 75-5600 block of
Kuakini Highway Aug.
22. The car is a gold
Mazda B3000, with
a plate of HAJ 297.
A man reported
items totalling $942
were stolen from his
vehicle between 6:50
and 7:10 p.m. Aug. 23
while it was parked
in the parking lot of
Magic Sands Park. The
vehicle’s plate was
listed as HCU 164.
Someone stole items
from inside of a Honda
Civic on the 74-5600
block of Luhia Street
on Aug. 15. Someone
went through the open
passenger window
of the car and took
items valued at $85.
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